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Oggi siamo questo….




….I don’t know if we will avoid hurting each other. Probably not, we’re humans after all.

But what I know in this moment, so much awaited, is that a life with you would make me rest way better.

And wake up way better. And love way better. I want to cook for you when you’ll be in a bad mood for hunger, all kinds of hunger: for life, for love, light, sea, travels, readings, sleep.

I’ll rub your hands with cream if you’ll have touched too many hard stones. My gaze will follow you as you walk on unsafe paths and then you turn to wait for me….as you always do. I want all the small things and the big ones: I want to have quarrels with you and then laugh about it together, in cold days I want to eat from your hands while mine warm up between your thighs, and I want to open the car door for you after a candle-lit dinner…I want to throw my arms around you after a difficult game, when I’ll be weary and in need of your arms around me.

I want to do small things and big ones with you, with us, you, I, us together, you in me and myself in you….




Air I am, now, below your nose, in your nostrils, that enters you to your belly. Air that inflames you with joy, permeating you with composure. There’s peace below this oak, and I bring it to you. And water I’ll be, and I’ll lose myself in this river flowing before me, and sea I’ll become and I’ll kiss your ankles. And I’ll rise, steam, to enter you and rest in your mouth, and go to your belly once again, and there burst into love. And silence I’ll be, and the dickybirds will begin to chirp at dawn. And you will sleep lightheatedly….




…and I can’t be among those who can’t read, ‘cause I read your soul…and among those you can love I can’t miss, ‘cause you’re carrying me inside yourself; and I’m the fire of your belly, and I’m the air that refreshens you, and you breathe me, and you miss me, and you don’t lose me, and I’m there even when I’m not…